Roanoke, VA: The All-American City

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In April, the National Civic League included the City of Roanoke on their list of the recipients of the 2017 All-American City Awards. This year marks the record-setting 7th time the city has received this distinction. This award specifically acknowledges cities whose citizens are active in tackling community problems and achieving positive outcomes. However, in addition to Roanoke’s proactive citizens, there are so many aspects of Roanoke that make this city modern, entertaining, and All-American!

Historic Roanoke City Market

                Opening in 1882, Downtown Roanoke is home to the oldest continuously-operating open-air market in the state of Virginia and one of the oldest in the United States. This constantly flourishing farmer’s market prides itself on locally-grown produce, sourcing its food from an average of only 25 miles away. Many long-standing suppliers have not only been known to sell their produce at reasonable prices, but also study the cleanest way to farm their food, eliminating pesticides, hormones, and GMO’s from the cultivating process. The market operates in Market Square in Downtown Roanoke from 8am-5am, but many Roanokers choose to visit the market on Saturday to prepare for the upcoming week and spend the day enjoying all the other great aspects of Downtown Roanoke.

Downtown Roanoke

            The streets of Downtown Roanoke also have some of the best shopping and dining hotspots you will find in all of Virginia. Downtown’s shopping scene is the perfect mix between major chain retailers and unique antique shops and boutiques. The dining scene in Downtown Roanoke offers everything from premier restaurants featured in publications such as Open Table and Southern Living. Casual neighborhood favorites include Burger in the Square, Local Roots, and Pop’s Ice Cream and Soda Bar.  Numerous fun outings are available for big groups highlighting Roanoke’s food and drink destinations including Roanoke Food Tours, Blue Ridge Wine Tours, and the Star City’s up-and-coming cultural highlight, Roanoke Craft Beer Tours.

Mill Mountain Park

            Sitting above the city of Roanoke is Mill Mountain Park, which is home to hiking and biking trails, the Mill Mountain Zoo, and the landmark which serves as the face of the city of Roanoke: the Mill Mountain Star (also famously known as the Roanoke Star). At the peak of Mill Mountain Park, where the 90-foot tall Star sits, you can find popular picnic spots and breathtaking views of the Star City and the Greater Roanoke Valley, which encompasses the famous Blue Ridge Mountains. Sitting below Mill Mountain Park is the prospering Pleasant Valley neighborhood of Roanoke, where many young professionals of Roanoke are flocking to, taking advantage of its proximity to many restaurants, medical research facilities, and the kayak launch leading to the Roanoke River.

                These are only some of the great features the Star City has to offer. Come enjoy and discover the many other factors Roanoke, VA has which earned them the All-American title.

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